Welcome to Lotus Dental Dental Clinic

Welcome to Lotus Dental Clinic.

Dentist Tatjana Hughes came to Denmark in 1995. He has a diploma in dentistry from the First Medical Institute in St. Petersburg. Tatyana graduated from Aarhus University in 2000 and has been working at the clinic since 2005.

Lotus Dental is one of the largest and most popular clinics in the city. We do all types of treatment, including aesthetic treatment and some types of orthodontics. Tatiana specializes in surgery and has attended numerous advanced training courses in various countries throughout her career. He specializes in implantology and treatment of periodontitis.

We have an individual approach to each patient, your desires and opportunities are our top priority.

We are very pleased that Russian-speaking patients find us mainly through recommendations.
We speak Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian, Filipino, Iranian and of course Danish.

For registration questions: call 98120845 (Anna is secretary) or send an SMS to 22210974 (write your name and problem, we will call you back. We do not answer calls to this number).

Address: Bispensgade 10, 3rd floor, 9000 Aalborg.