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Dental check-up at Lotus Dental

Preventive dental care

Your oral hygiene and dental health are important for a good quality of life. That's why we recommend regular dental check-ups performed by our experienced dentists at our dental clinics in Aalborg or Terndrup. Regular dental check-ups ensure healthy and strong teeth. By carefully examining your teeth, we can ensure that everything is as it should be and address any irregularities before they develop. Our routine check-ups include a general examination every 6-8 months, depending on the status of your teeth. We also offer dental cleaning, where we remove tartar and clean teeth from discoloration and deposits.

How Often Should I Have a Dental Checkup?

Scheduling a Checkup

Frekvensen af dine tandeftersyn bestemmes af Tandlægeforeningens regler og din individuelle tandstatus. Du vil blive inddelt i en gruppe (grønt, gult eller rødt spor), som bestemmer, hvor ofte du skal have et eftersyn, og hvor mange eftersyn du er berettiget til at modtage tilskud til.
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What types of dental checkups are there?

Options for checkups

Lotus Dental offers various types of check-ups, including diagnostic basic examination, extended basic examination, and status examination. The choice depends on the condition of your mouth. There may also be individual preventive treatments, and X-rays may be necessary to create a treatment plan.
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What is examined during the dental check-up?

Details about the examination

A dental examination includes a thorough assessment of your teeth and oral cavity. The dentist evaluates your treatment needs and categorizes you into a relevant group. You receive a plan for your personal oral hygiene and check-up frequency. Compliance with check-ups ensures early detection of dental problems and prevents more serious damage.
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Treatment Details

Quick Overview


Prevention of Dental Diseases


Improved Oral Hygiene


Individual Professional Assessment


Interval 6-8 months

Number of Visits

Individual Professional Assessment


30-60 minutes