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Dental Implants at Lotus Dental - A Durable Solution for Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the ideal solution for those who want a natural and durable replacement for their missing teeth. At Lotus Dental, we offer customized implant solutions that will give you back your smile.
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Lifelong durability

Lasts for many years

Natural appearance

Like your own teeth

Customized treatment

Tailored to your needs

Experienced specialists

Expertise in tooth implants

The permanent solution for missing teeth

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small screws, typically made of titanium, that serve as an artificial tooth root. They are inserted into the jawbone, where they gradually fuse with the bone. This provides a stable and long-lasting solution that looks and feels like your natural teeth.

From consultation to your new smile

The treatment process

Treatment begins with a thorough consultation where we assess your needs and desires. Following that, we create a customized treatment plan. The implant is placed under local anesthesia, and after a healing period of a few months, the artificial tooth is attached.

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With our experienced team and customized solutions, we ensure that you receive the best treatment. Dental implants are an investment in your smile, your self-esteem, and your quality of life.

Treatment Details

Quick Overview


Replacement of one or more teeth


A permanent new tooth that matches the original tooth's shape and strength


A lifelong solution


2 to 3 months

Number of Visits

Between 3 and 5 visits to the clinic


45-60 minutes